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2018/2019 Meeting Schedule

Friday 21st September  2018

Visit to Uppark.

James Rothwell, Senior Curator with the National Trust, will lead a special tour of Uppark during which he will draw out the many riches of the collection and of the history of the Featherstonhaugh family who have been resident there for over 270 years.’

Uppark House & Garden

Thursday 18th October 2018

All Saints Church Hall, 7:30 pm: ‘The Jolliffes of Petersfield’

Bill Gosney

From 1734 – 1910, the Joliffe family were Lords of the Manor of Langrish, large landowners in the parish of East Meon, and MPs for Petersfield (described as ‘one of the rottenest of the rotten boroughs’).

Market Square

Petersfield Market Square

Tuesday 13th November 2018

All Saints Church Hall, 7:30 pm: ‘Pestilence’

Rosemary Hopewell

The great Pestilence of 1348. Its background; its effects on the people, the practise of farming, land prices and occupancy and Church finances.


Thursday December 13th 2018

King John Room, 7.30pm. ‘History of Farm Buildings in East Meon’

Michael Blakstad

From the tithe barns and shepherds’ huts of the middle ages, to the arrival of cowsheds and stables in the 17th century, to mechanised farming in the 19th century, the design of farm buildings has always reflected changes in farming methods.


Tithe Barn

Thursday January 17th 2018

All Saints Church Hall, 7.30pm. ‘The timbers of Hyde Abbey’

David Spurling

Hyde Abbey in Winchester was destroyed on the orders of Henry VIII, then rebuilt in 1543 as a grand house by William Bethell. Detective work by the Hyde 900 group has revealed that the ancient timbers of its roof were reused from the old abbey.


Roof timbers of Hyde Abbey

Thursday 21st February 2019

All Saints Church Hall, 7.30pm: ‘The Union Flag’

Malcolm Farrow

There are over 600 versions of the ‘Red White and Blue’. As President of the Flag Institute, Malcolm has unique knowledge of the history and uses of our national flag.

union jack

Thursday 21st March 2019

All Saints Church Hall 7.30pm: Portsmouth – ‘Harlots, Dung and Glory’

Andrew Negus

The history of Portsmouth from 1100, tracing the growth of the Royal Navy and its part in making the UK the most powerful nation in the world. The many characters involved, including the inventor of the umbrella, authors, actors, admirals, kings and queens …


Portsmouth Point