Cover of Meon Matters, East Meon’s parish magazine.

In order to communicate their findings to the residents of East Meon, members regularly write articles about aspects of the village history for the parish magazine, Meon Matters and several of these can be read on pages in this section.

More detailed studies have also been published in the publications of the county’s leading local history body, the Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society. These are available on this page as PDFs.

The Tithing of Turnips, A Hampshire Village in the Westminster Spotlight. By Michael Blakstad Proc. Hampshire Field Club Archaeological Society 72  2017, 129 – 141 (Hampshire Studies 2017). For PDF, click here

The Bishop’s luxuries in East Meon. By Michael Blakstad, Proc Hampshire Field Club Archaeological Society 18 – 22 (Newsletter 70 2018). For PDF click here.

Pestilence, famine and the Civil War is about to appear in Proceedings of the Hampshire Field Club Archaeological Society, Newsletter. For PDF click here.

Magdalen College lands in Oxenbourne will also appear in the HFCAS Newsletter. For PDF click here.

Meon Matters articles

Articles written by members of the History Group are reproduced as pages listed in the sub-menu.

Since December 2018, Meon Matters has changed from a print-only magazine to a website with paper editions every quarter. The History Group has a page on the Meon Matters website, and articles which appear in this section are longer versions of the pieces which appear there. To visit the Meon Matters website, click here.