Village History
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Church Roof Repairs

Persistent thefts of lead, from Meon Matters, 2011

A Question I am Frequently Asked. ‘What is happening about replacing the lead on the Lady Chapel roof ‘?
Well …. we clearly cannot afford to go on having the lead stolen as the insurance will only cover up to £5000 per year to replace stolen lead and we claimed most of that on the first theft. The second, and therefore uninsured loss, was nearly double that.

We have asked for and been given permission to replace the lead on the Lady Chapel roof with another material which will look almost identical from a distance to the lead, but be much less attractive to thieves. We are also installing a ”state of the art” security system, which will cover the whole of the roof in the hope that we will prevent any further attacks on our beautiful church.

We hope that this work will be done fairly soon as at the moment the Lady Chapel has tarpaulin over it and Terry is suffering from a severe lack of sleep on wet and windy nights for fear of the state of the Lady Chapel when he unlocks the church in the morning!!

Olivia Hickling – Church Warden

Report from Village Policeman, PC David Baker, on the first theft, 2009

Information from a local farmer, relating to suspicious vans and persons seen in the area of the old HMS Mercury, has led to a number of arrests and convictions for theft of lead and copper from the buildings on that site. Another area suffering thefts of metals is an industrial premises in Langrish. CCTV showed three offenders bolt cropping their way into locked compounds to steal metal cabling. Unfortunately the index number of their van is not visible, but it is a quite distinctive white Mercedes Sprinter fitted with a row of three spotlights on a roof bar above the cab. This has been circulated through police channels but if any resident happens to see a van fitting this description I would welcome the registration number. The value of scrap metal has seen thefts of these sorts increasing, many public buildings now mark their lead roof with smart water, which allows identification of the stolen lead. As a result of the recent success with All Saints Church, future police spot checks will be carried out on scrap lead stocks at Hampshire recycling yards.