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Village People

Some families living in East Meon today can trace their ancestry to Norman times; their names appear in the Winchester Pipe Rolls. In many cases, descendants of East Meon families who now live abroad or in other parts of the UK have contacted the History Group and asked for help in tracing their ancestors.Several of these accounts come from the parish magazine, Meon Matters. (To access the reports use the links menu on the left.)

Currently, the History Group is embarking on a campaign to conduct interviews with today’s residents with memories of their families reaching back into the first half of the last century. These Oral Histories provide a graphic picture of life in the village when there were over twenty shops and tradesmen, as opposed to one shop and two pubs today.

We invite anyone who wishes to learn about their East Meon ancestors to to contact us from the home page of the site.

The wife and daughters of Ernest Christmas of East Meon

The wife and daughters of Jeremiah Christmas. Two of the sisters, May and Milly, married three Canadian brothers, two of whom were in Britain as soldiers during the First World War. The third, Dolly, sailed out later in to see if there were ‘any more at home like you’ and did indeed find herself another brother to marry.