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Forge Cottage


Forge Cottage, a 17th century yeoman’s cottage.

Forge Cottage is the name given, probably in the 20thcentury, to a 17thcentury yeoman’s cottage opposite the blacksmith’s forge; it is typical of dwellings built in the early 17th century. It demonstrates the new methods of construction made possible by the availability of inexpensive brick. It has a central chimney-breast with two hearths: one had the cooking range for the household, the other the fireplace of the owner’s kin, replacing the smoky open fire of the hall house. Brick also made it easy to build walls to divide rooms, corridors and staircases. The entrance of Forge Cottage is typical of the time; it led to a small lobby abutting the chimney-breast,  see the floor plan below; turning left led to the owner’s private chambers, right to service areas including the kitchen.

Edward Roberts’ floor plan of Forge Cottage.