Farming the Valley
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Rebuilding the Hall at The Court House

In 1366 William of Wykeham succeeded Edington both as bishop of Winchester and Chancellor to King Edward III. Faced with reduced revenues following the Black Death, his first priority was to train new clergy and he dedicated money to establishing Winchester College and New College, Oxford. He also found money to replace those of his palaces which had fallen into disrepair and created ‘houses which were sufficiently solid to stand the test of time, in a different, less ornate style’. Between 1395 and 1397, the previous hall, chapel and accommodation of East Meon’s Court House were largely replaced by new buildings supervised by master mason, William Wynford. As Edward Roberts has written: ‘Wykeham’s creation at East Meon is remarkably plain with beams that are simply chamfered without elaboratemouldings. Even the monumental fireplace in the solar is plain despite the creation of a manor house where a luxurious but more intimate lifestyle could be enjoyed