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South and Lower Farms


Lower Farm, etching by Robert Bryden

Lower Farm is the northern neighbour of South Farm and the two were often jointly owned. In the Tithe Apportionments they are listed together as ‘occupied’, i.e. farmed, by Samuel Padwick, comprising 580 acres, 245 of which were tithed; the landowner is John Bonham Carter. In the 1851 census Padwick is listed as living at Lower Farm, employing 13 labourers and 7 boys (as well as a household of11 children and 2 housemaids). Three of his workers – Noble, Crockford and Porter – lived with their families at South Farm. In 1861, he farms 1,165 acres, employing 19 labourers and 12 boys, and in 1871, 1,158 acres with 16 & 6. Samuel Padwick died in 1878, aged 47.

Farmers expanded their private space within the farmhouse and correspondingly reduced the size of their ‘household’; their workers now lived not under the same roof but nearby, in empty farmhouses which had beenconverted or in cottages. Although the increasingly mechanised farms now emplyed fewer labourers, these needed cottages.


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