Village History
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House Histories

Nick Barratt during his talk

In 2012, author and broadcaster Nick Barratt briefed the Group in techniques for researching House Histories. A number of members subsequently researched a selection of homes and other buildings.

Visitors to the exhibition

In June 2012, an exhibition of their work was mounted in East Meon’s Court Hall.

House Histories exhibition held in the foyer of the Hampshire Record Office, April/May 2013

In April 2013, the exhibition was displayed in the foyer of the Hampshire Record Office

In June 2012, the History Group displayed in The Court Hall an exhibition of illustrated panels, each featuring a village building which had been researched as part of its House Histories project. The content of these panels is reproduced in this section.

In subsequent years, the exhibition was mounted at the Hampshire Record Office in Winchester, and guided walks were arranged around the historic buildings. A printed booklet was also produced, which can be bought at East Meon Stores.


Guided walk outside Glenthorne House

Members of the Group led walks around the village visiting a selection of the historic buildings. A booklet ‘Guided walks around the historic buildings of East Meon’ can be purchased at East Meon Stores.