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Nurse Berry

Nurse Berry

Nurse Berry

We received this email from Reg Caspall who lives in Victoria, Australia.

“I am endeavouring to locate a daughter of the Berry family who owned and operated a farm at East Meon, to my knowledge, at the outbreak of the Second World War.

In 1939 my brother David, sister Patricia and I were evacuated firstly to Horndean where after a short while, my sister was taken by a family at Catherington and my brother and I were sent to The Old Mill House, Clanfield. Whilst there we were cared for together with many other children by a Matron and a Nurse Berry.

Unfortunately we never learned the Christian name of Nurse Berry but she was about 21 years of age in 1940. Whilst under her care, she took my brother and I for a holiday to her parents farm at East Meon. My brother David was aged 11 and I was aged 7.

My brother phoned me this evening to advise that as he is now a widower and because it has always been a desire of his to show his family where he was born and to show them where he was evacuated during the war years, his daughter and her husband have decided to take him by car to these special places.

My brother also expressed his wish to visit Nurse Berry, if she can be located. I mentioned that this may be very difficult. Firstly we don’t have her Christian name, we have no way of contacting any member of her family, should they even still be alive. We do however know that the family farm at East Meon is no longer a farm but that a hotel has been established on the land. Of course, even if Nurse Berry is still alive, she may have married and now with a different surname.
Is there any way that you could help with any of our problems?”

Denys Ryder, a long-time resident of East Meon, was able to put the Caspalls in touch with the Berry family.