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Shops, agriculture, pubs – the economy of East Meon.

A century ago, the streets of East Meon were packed with shops and tradesmen. In 2006, just before she died, Margery Lambert drew a map from her memory of the village in the 1920s. In it, she listed over twenty different shops and tradesmen working in the village. (Click here for a list of the shops and trades she identified.)

Today there are one shop and two pubs.

Outdoor work

The main business of East Meon was agriculture, which in turn supported trades such as two smithies and three mills.


Over the centuries, there have been numerous pubs in East Meon, of which the oldest is probably The Angel, in what is now The Cross. It would have been a simple house, in which the owner’s wife would have brewed the beer and clients drank at the kitchen table. Houses named Malthouse and Bottle Cottage suggest that beer would have been brewed locally, and at the start of the twentieth century there were at least four pubs in the village.