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The Kille Family

East Meon properties with Kill/Kille association.

Each property has been time time-lined where ever the records found to-date allow.
The records for the 1861 and 1871 census have yet to be searched for East Meon Kill/Kille’s.
Other records have been found but the locations given are “village”, “East Meon” or not defined.
Where the family member is known to be “in service” at a property, it has not been included.

1841 Frogmore – Nicholas and Grace Kille and family of six. Agr Labourer. (census)
1842 – Louis Kille (from burial record).
1851 – Nicholas and Grace and family of four. (census)
1859 – Nicholas Kille ( from burial record).
1861 – Nicholas and Jane and family of three, Thatcher/Agr Labourer. (census)
1878 – Ellen Kille (from burial record).
1881 – Nicholas and Jane Kille. Thatcher. (census)
1895 – Jane Kille (from burial record).
1906 – Nicholas Kille (from burial record).
1929 – Emily Kille (from burial record).

1861 Also Frogmore Mill, William and Ellen Kill and family of two. Farmer of 15 Acres and Carpenter. (census).

1841 Oxenbourne – James and Ann Kille and family of three. Agr Labourer. (census)
1851 – James and Ann and family of two. (census)

1841 High Street – Benjamin and Elizabeth Kille and family of four. Carpenter (census)

1841 High Street – William and Ellen Kille and family of two. Miller (census)

1841 High Street – Samuel and Sarah Kill and family of three. Builder. (census)

1841 Alley of Temple Lane – Joseph and Sarah Kill and family of six.Bricklayer. (census)
1861 17 Alley Street – Joseph and Sarah and family of three. Bricklayer. (census).

1845 East part of cottage lying on the west part of Heycrofte in the tithing of Meon Manor.
George Kille Carpenter on the surrender of Thomas Chase.
1863 To Frances Hiard widow on the surrender of George Kille.
1878 To Caleb Kille glazier, devisee of Frances Hiard Widow,late of East Meon.
1893 Surrender by Caleb Kille builder to Geroge Kille bricklayer on £100 mortgage.
1902 Admittance of Dorcas Kille of Bath spinster, saving the mortgage rights of George Kille.
1904 Conveyance of Rose Cottage, The Square, East Meon, formerly described as the east part
of a Cottage on the west part of Heycrofte in the tything of Meon Manor.(detail to yet to be examined).

1849 Court roll, Manor of East Meon: Admission of Samuel Kille builder of East Meon and William Alderslade yeoman of East Meon to a cottage, built upon 1 acre of land, and a garden in Riplington after the death of Robert Aburrow.
1856 Court roll, Manor of East Meon: Surrender of a cottage as above, by Samuel Kille and William Alderslade, to the use of Henry Hall Viscount Gage.

1851 Crop Street – James and Anne Kille and family of two. Agr Labourer. (census)

1851 Crop Lane – Benjamin and Elizabeth Kille and family of six. Carpenter/Joiner. (census)

1851 Holly Street Joseph and Sarah Kille and family of five. Bricklayer Journeyman. (census)

1851 Holly Street George and Lydia Kille. Carpenter Journeyman. (census)

1851 Holly Street Nicholas and Jane Kill. Thatcher / Agr Labourer. (census)

1851 Church Street Samuel and Annie Kill. Carpenter Journeyman. (census)
1861 3 Church Street – Samuel and Annie Kille and one child. Carpenter (census)

1851 Church Street – Stephen and Harriett Kill. Agr Labourer. (census)
1861 6 Church Street Benjamin and Elizabeth Killand family of four. Carpenter/Joiner
Elizabeth school mistress. (census)

1861 1 Little West Street – George and Lydia Kille, two nieces and Thomas Warren father in law
Carpenter and Grocer. (census)

1874 Spring Holes William Albert Kille (from burial record).
1881 Spring Holes Alfred and Mary Kille and family of four. Agr Labourer. (census)

1881 Providence Villa – Elizabeth Kille, Retd.School Mistress, Elizabeth Kille (daur), School Mistress and William Kille (bro) Agr. Labourer. (census)
1891 – Elizabeth Kille. Retd. School Mistress. (census)

1881 Rookham Lodge –Walter and Sarah Kille and family of six. Agr Labourer (census)
1891 – Walter and Sarah Kille and Family of four. Thatcher (census)

1911 The Hyde – Walter and Harriet Kille and one child. (census)

1914 Chapel Street – Walter Kille ( from burial record).
1986 Glencross, Chaple street – George Stanley Kille (from burial record).

1921 The Square – Arthur Kille (from burial record).
1922 A cottage in The Square, East Meon lately in the occupation of Mrs A. Kille, for sale by auction on 26th April 1922.

1924 Templars Brow – Dorothy Charlotte Kille (from burial record).

1927 High Street – Samuel Gilbert Kille ( from burial record)

1944 Westbrook Cottage – Samuel Kille (from burial Record).
1965 4 Westbrook Cottages – Mabel Nellie Kille (from burial record).

1946 The Laurels – George Kille (from burial record).
1961 The Laurels – Alice Henrietta Kille (from burial record).

1952 Stonilands Farm – Emily Woodford Kille (from burial record).