Village History
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Village Buildings

Model of Norman East Meon

A reconstruction of East Meon in 1086, showing the predecessors of All Saints Church, in the foreground, and of The Court Hall, top left. The model was made for the Domesday exhibition staged in The Great Hall in Winchester in 1986, commemorating 900 years since the Domesday Book was compiled.

East Meon has more that 50 listed buildings, including the magnificent Court House and All Saints Church. In 2012, East Meon History Group members researched the histories of a number of village buildings (not just the great ones) and mounted exhibitions in The Court Hall and at the Hampshire Record Office displaying the results of this research. ‘House Histories’ contains the text and images from the panels. In addition, this section includes pages describing the workshops and shops of the village, and the history of the Village Institute, which later made way for the Village Hall.